Hamsters in Sickness and in Health is a comprehensive book telling you all you need to know about looking after a hamster. It is written both for the novice who has never had a hamster as a pet before, right through to the experienced hamster owner who has been breeding hamsters for many years. Covering basic information, such as housing, bedding, diet etc, it also includes a very comprehensive section on veterinary care, alternative treatments and first aid.
A large number of illnesses are covered in some detail, including how serious a condition is. So, if you find yourself with a poorly hamster one evening when the veterinary surgery is closed, Hamsters in Sickness and in Health should help you decide whether or not you need to phone for an emergency vet. It also includes alternative treatment, such as homeopathic and herbal and where appropriate this is listed along with first aid that you can carry out in the short term.

Hamsters in Sickness and in Health is essential for anyone who keeps hamsters or is thinking of getting a hamster as a pet. It is also a good reference book for hamster breeders because of the large section on veterinary treatment and drugs used to treat each condition.

This book has been published by Capall Bann and can be bought either direct from them or from good book shops.

Hamsters in Sickness and in Health
Sheila Adby and Dan O Neill
ISBN: 186163218-5