GBH (Guinea Pigs, Bunnies and Hamsters) RESCUE


Tel: 020 8658 5452


GBH Rescue and Re-homing is based in Beckenham, Kent. Specialising in small animals there is always a constant flow of hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals who all need their help. Many have come from people who, for whatever reason, have decided they can no longer look after their pet, others come from people who bought a ‘boy’ and they later produced babies, and sadly many come via other rescue centres or the RSPCA because of neglect or cruelty. GBH does not receive any funding and relies completely on donations of both time and money.

GBH Rescue and Rehoming are currently looking for homes for a number of hamsters (and gerbils)

If you think you can give one of these hamsters a home, please contact Sheila at

or Jacky at GBH on 020 8658 5452


If you are unable to commit yourself to homing a hamster for the duration of its life (i.e. approx 2 years) and live in the Beckenham area and have transport – foster homes are also sought. You will be asked to have a hamster for just a week or two, and during this time your job will be to handle it so it becomes tame, and ensure it is fed properly and well looked after. At the end of an agreed time you will be asked to return it to GBH in order for it to be found a permanent home, and you may be asked to take on another one for a week or two. If this appeals to you, and you have some experience of keeping hamsters, please get in touch.

You can either email me (Sheila) via this site: or telephone

Jacky at GBH on 020 8658 5452

Cages: We have loads of donated cages – they are all second hand and some in better condition than others. Some are fine as a permanent home, others are better suited for short term use until you are able to get a better cage. If you would like a hamster but don’t currently have a cage, then we would be pleased to provide a cage for a small donation.