‘Badger’ was one of the 300 hamsters that
were   taken to GBH Rescue and Rehoming last year.  I ended up keeping
her as she was so delightful. 

‘Bessie’ is another rescue that GBH
Rescue and Rehoming were appealing for a home for but she also ended up
staying with me.  She was a very feisty lady with tremendous spirit.

Ted and Cassie’s family

Proud mum Cassie, with her 12 babies Dad, Ted
Babies at 10 days old Getting ready to leave home
All grown up!!
The Campbell Family
Mum, Maisie Older sister Molly babysitting Tilly,
Frodo Merry and Pippin
Frodo Pippin, the “runt”
Merry Older sister, Daisy

Tilly Older sister, Milly
Half Pint’s day in the office!!

Are we there yet? Checking the papers for any hamster

Busy on a conference call Checking those emails!

Sniffing out a deal I just want to play with the mouse!

Quick roll around the office A chance to put his feet up

The arrival of Mum and her 12 babies –
all abandoned

Mum having breakfast with one of her
Feeding time

Super-hamster takes to the skies Thirsty work

Hello! Feeding time again!

heavy duty dog crates
The arrival of the green wheel! Question: how many hamsters can fit into
a wheel?

Still not quite got the hang of it At least they’re running in the same